TRAIVBXXIV-3753 - A rework of the "contribute to alliance bonus"-daily quest - so that the amount of needed contributions increases with the amount of villages you have
TRAIVBXXIV-3784 - A change of the description text in the Residence and Palace - to reflect the real usage of the buildings
TRAIVBXXIV-3685 - Show an explanation for the RoA Pushing Protection - so that this hint is usefull.
TRAIVBXXIV-3776 - Fix an edge case in Videos - so master builder doesn't interfere with it
TRAIVBXXIV-3777 - Add the server speed factor to repairing traps - so that on speed servers traps repairing are faster
TRAIVBXXIV-3778 - Use the same tooltip mechanic for abandoned valleys as in villages and oasis - so that we show consistency at the game world end.
TRAIVBXXIV-3779 - Visually disable the exchange buttons when there is no free crop - to prevent players feeling cheated
TRAIVBXXIV-3780 - Change the text "show more" to "show less" where appropriate, to reflect real interaction.

TRAIVBXXIV-3745 - RoA: Alliance Bonus: bubble is not aligned with level node indicator
TRAIVBXXIV-3720 - Master builder: There is no information that the building is under construction when it is upgrading to the max level
TRAIVBXXIV-3711 - Smithy: improve button is not updated to disabled state in case not enough resources
TRAIVBXXIV-3752 - Change the color of a region - so that it has distinguishable borders.
TRAIVBXXIV-3725 - Natars: No reports when being attacked after settling in the grey death zone
TRAIVBXXIV-3817 - Academy/Smithy: There is no research timer anymore

Internal Stuff
TRAIVBXXIV-3806 - WorldCreate doesn't finish: ERROR: No region id set for pixel 179x494
TRAIVBXXIV-3799 - As GDir - I want HTML Emails (exacttarget) to use the same ISO language code - to be able to start using it
TRAIVBXXIV-3791 - No emails were send via PHPMailer after composer library update
TRAIVBXXIV-3596 - As DEV - I want to remove of old quest system - to remove redundant code
TRAIVBXXIV-3795 - system.multicall was mistyped as system.multiple during RPC rework
TRAIVBXXIV-3652 - AS TechSpt - I want the IGM Deletion improved - to prevent event jams
TRAIVBXXIV-3757 - As GDir - I want to globally disable memcached - to reduce costs
TRAIVBXXIV-3743 - migration_1479722873 failed
TRAIVBXXIV-3604 - As CSTM - I want to display Sift scores in ACP - so that we can take them into account when manually checking players
TRAIVBXXIV-3726 - Infobox: Evil shadow clone of delete button hides on the left side of the infobox item
TRAIVBXXIV-3680 - World End: Oasis Links -> "Start adventure" link is not disabled
TRAIVBXXIV-3520 - I want to rework 'metadata' and 'serializedData' columns in quest_log - to improve code
TRAIVBXXIV-3820 - Help: Contact ingame support link leads to fatal error
TRAIVBXXIV-3821 - E-Mails get displayed incorrect
TRAIVBXXIV-3785 - As QA - I want debug commands to change the time of conquering artefacts - to test more efficienty
TRAIVBXXIV-3865 - Forum: it is possible to read forums of other alliances
TRAIVBXXIV-3825 - Registration: Error when creating player in database
TRAIVBXXIV-3760 - An update of the welcome and introduction screen - so that we show the Hero
TRAIVBXXIV-3761 - An update of the video link in the welcome and introduction screen - so that the video don´t show hero stuff
TRAIVBXXIV-3754 - I want to use different texts for RoA-Version - so we show texts without mentioning the tutorial
TRAIVBXXIV-3755 - I want "next adventure" to trigger with the first adventure, not the second - so that the trigger works for RoA
TRAIVBXXIV-3756 - Have the contribution limit amount be affected by speed - so that players can donate more on speed worlds
TRAIVBXXIV-3766 - Messages: It's possible to insert HTML in subject line and message body
TRAIVBXXIV-3818 - ACP: Multisearch: Banned players are not marked at Multisearch tab